Ring Lights & Portable and Full Size!

I had a bunch of questions about the ring lights I use so I thought I would share the links!!
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The Neewer LED ring light I have is amazing! It’s the 18 inch and allows enough space to mount my iPhone plus and also my DSLR! It also has a flexible arm that can illuminate flat lays! The LED is very dimmable and also does not get hot AT ALL so you can sit in front of it for as long as you want without sweating! I’ve heard the fluorescent and non-LED lights get super hot.
This is the iSelfy phone ring light I have that is super bright but also dimmable and has a couple different color features! It also swivels so you still have a full view of your screen. I have seen a bunch of portable ring lights and this one is definitely the best and only $20!

The cutest Little Panda coin bank your kids will be obsessed with!

We just got this adorable Little Panda bank for my son and he played with it for HOURS.  The sweet little voice that says, “thank you” is so charming and it works very well!  There are so many cute designs it is hard to pick one!!  This is definitely a must have unique gift that doesn’t cost much and is affordable!  I might get a couple more and for sure getting the skeleton one.

BIGOCT Cute Stealing Coin Panda Money Box Piggy Bank

Mac Pigment & Favorite Eyeshadow Combo

Yesterday I stopped by the Mac counter and fell in love with this pigment in the color Rose.  It perfectly compliments the two eyeshadows I wear all the time so I picked it up to add some drama to my typical go-to look.  The small size of this pigment is $10 and would make a great gift. The mascara is also in the $10 bin and was something I have been searching for forever!  Chanel used to make the prettiest auburn color mascara and I have not been able to find a replacement until now.  It is such a pretty complimentary color to blue or green eyes.  It looks more like a dark brown when applied but in the sun has the tint of auburn.  I’m obsessed. You can find a video tutorial for this look on my Periscope.

Mac Rose Pigment // $10

Mac Soft Brown Eyeshadow // $16

Mac Brown Script Eyeshadow // $16

Mac Beets Me Mascara // $10


Things I love // Jord Wood Watch

I was sent this watch to try out and I have just fallen in love.  It’s lightweight and has tons of swag and can be dressed up or down with the super cool wood straps and oversized gold bezel.  Since it’s so lightweight, it is easy to layer with your favorite bracelets and you don’t even realize it’s there.  It is just a really pretty watch.  You can find the same color & style I have HERE.  They have lots of other woman’s watches to choose from and also some unique men’s watched that would make a unique gift for your guy!  I always struggle to find a gift for my husband and I know the uniqueness of this watch would be right up his alley!

Mens Wood Watches

Live Life in Color

Live Life in Color


I LOVE making collages on Polyvore and I totally forgot to post them here!  Although most of the items are WAYYY out of my price range, I like the inspiration and a girl can dream right?!  I’m OBSESSING over those pom pom sandals.  My friend just crafted up some of her own and I think I might have to copy.
2 layers B. Ruby #LipSense, 1 layer Kathy’s Kisses LipSense, Topped with Matte Gloss
And that lip!  It looks similar to B. Ruby by LipSense with the Matte Gloss. The above combo is a little more red so you could add a pink like Fleur De Lisa or Party Pink to get a more vibrant look. You can get more information and purchasing information on my FB page HERE or follow me on Instagram HERE!

Snapchat fashion FTW

Striped Tee Dress // $22.00

I had a couple people ask about my Old Navy dress that I posted on Snapchat (fairchildkat) last night so here is the link above! I was way off in the price!! Sorry!! It’s longer on me than the model because I’m only 5’4″. 😆  I got a medium but it was a tad on the big side. I was worried it would shrink. Old Navy has SO many cute dresses right now! I want them all!!

My New Favorite Lip Stain // LipSense


LipSense in the shade Fluer De Lisa

So if you just caught my Periscope you saw me rave about this new lip stain that Jalynn Schroeder was kind enough to send me to try.  I am just obsessed.  It is called LipSense and It.s an 18 hour long wear lip stain that DOES NOT BUDGE.  It doesn’t flake off, ball up, or leave a funny line on your lips like some other lip stains I have purchased.  The color I have on here is Fleur De Lisa and it’s a really pretty pink.  I can’t wait to try more colors!

I put mine on before I went to bed and when I woke up, it looks just the same as when I first applied it.  I’m not kidding you guys, this stuff it legit.  If you want more information or would like to purchase it, please DM Jalynn Schroeder on Instagram.



LAST MINUTE Gift Guide for Father’s Day

I have been meaning to put this together for seriously months but looky here, it’s last minute like always.  WHATEVER.  But the great thing about these items are that you can pretty much find them at a store near you.  They are some of my husbands favorite items and he is way too picky for his own good so I know if he likes it, your guy probably will too. These are also great for men’s birthdays or anything for that matter.  Women too.  I actually like all of these and use them on a regular basis!  So here we go…


Yeti Rambler Vacuum Bottle

18oz // $40.00     36oz  //  $60.00      64oz  //  $90.00

You can find these Yeti bottles at REI and if you live anywhere in America, you probably have an REI close by.  These are great for hot or cold beverages and will hold ice for at least 2-3 days.  The have a wide mouth design that leaves enough space for your nose which makes it a lot easier to drink out of.  They also have a 3 finger grip lid that makes them super easy to carry.  I use the 18oz a lot when we go on vacation to keep milk cold in the car.  I’m embarrassed to say that we have every size but we honestly use them all the time.  If you’ve never heard of Yeti Coolers, they are a highly regarded company that strives to have top quality products so you know you are getting a great buy that will last a long time.


Yeti Rambler Cup

30 oz  //  $39.99     20 oz  //  $29.99

These are the original Yeti Rambler cups.  These are also great for everyday use and keep beverages super cold or hot.  You can also find these at REI or Dick’s Sporting Goods.



JBL Xtreme Portable Bluetooth Speaker

$249.00  // Best Buy     $224.69  //  Amazon (Prime)

This speaker is pretty cool.  We have had all sorts of portable bluetooth speakers from Bose, Beats Pill, Sony, but this puts them all to shame.  The sound that comes out of this little speaker is shockingly clear and it has a great amount of bass.  It is also water resistant so you can rinse it under the faucet if it gets dirty.  JBL also has the awesome feature that you can sync their portable speakers together so you could put on outside and one inside or scattered throughout your home.  Best Buy carries these in store and they will do Amazon price match as long as it is offered on Prime (which it is) so you can save $25.


JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

$149.95  //  Amazon (Prime)       $149.99  //  Best Buy

This is the model below the Xtreme called the Charge 3. It has great sound quality for the size, just not as much bass as the Xtreme.  But the cool thing about this one is that it is 100% waterproof so you could literally jump into the pool with it and it would be fine.  Crazy right! The build quality is great and they come in a bunch of fun colors.  We have the aqua and it is a fun summery color.

All these options are great since you can find them at a local store near you and they are items that you didn’t know you were missing out on!  Hope everyone has a great Father’s Day!