My Perfect Wedding Lip

So even though this is almost an exact copy of my last post, it’s really not because here is another one of my favorite nude lips!  Mac Brave lipstick has been one of my favorites for 10+ years.  That’s really saying something!  And it is the lipstick I chose to wear for my wedding.

Brave is such a gorgeous brick toned nude.  It might wash out darker skin tones but for fair skin tones such as myself, it’s a great nude without being too light.  It is also from Mac’s satin line which has a little more staying power.  Not as drying as a matte but not as sheer as a cremesheen or lustre.  I think I reapplied my lipstick once, MAYBE twice the entire day of my wedding.  Here, I had paired this with Mac Subculture liner but it appears to be out of production (boo!) but I would pair it with Mac Boldy Bare to achieve the same affect.

Mac Boldy Bare Pencil  //  $16.50

Mac Brave Lipstick  //  $17.00


You really can’t go wrong with this duo!!

kissy lips


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