Ring Lights & Portable and Full Size!

I had a bunch of questions about the ring lights I use so I thought I would share the links!!
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The Neewer LED ring light I have is amazing! It’s the 18 inch and allows enough space to mount my iPhone plus and also my DSLR! It also has a flexible arm that can illuminate flat lays! The LED is very dimmable and also does not get hot AT ALL so you can sit in front of it for as long as you want without sweating! I’ve heard the fluorescent and non-LED lights get super hot.
This is the iSelfy phone ring light I have that is super bright but also dimmable and has a couple different color features! It also swivels so you still have a full view of your screen. I have seen a bunch of portable ring lights and this one is definitely the best and only $20!

The cutest Little Panda coin bank your kids will be obsessed with!

We just got this adorable Little Panda bank for my son and he played with it for HOURS.  The sweet little voice that says, “thank you” is so charming and it works very well!  There are so many cute designs it is hard to pick one!!  This is definitely a must have unique gift that doesn’t cost much and is affordable!  I might get a couple more and for sure getting the skeleton one.

BIGOCT Cute Stealing Coin Panda Money Box Piggy Bank

Mac Pigment & Favorite Eyeshadow Combo

Yesterday I stopped by the Mac counter and fell in love with this pigment in the color Rose.  It perfectly compliments the two eyeshadows I wear all the time so I picked it up to add some drama to my typical go-to look.  The small size of this pigment is $10 and would make a great gift. The mascara is also in the $10 bin and was something I have been searching for forever!  Chanel used to make the prettiest auburn color mascara and I have not been able to find a replacement until now.  It is such a pretty complimentary color to blue or green eyes.  It looks more like a dark brown when applied but in the sun has the tint of auburn.  I’m obsessed. You can find a video tutorial for this look on my Periscope.

Mac Rose Pigment // $10

Mac Soft Brown Eyeshadow // $16

Mac Brown Script Eyeshadow // $16

Mac Beets Me Mascara // $10


Snapchat fashion FTW

Striped Tee Dress // $22.00

I had a couple people ask about my Old Navy dress that I posted on Snapchat (fairchildkat) last night so here is the link above! I was way off in the price!! Sorry!! It’s longer on me than the model because I’m only 5’4″. 😆  I got a medium but it was a tad on the big side. I was worried it would shrink. Old Navy has SO many cute dresses right now! I want them all!!

St. Tropez Express Mousse

So I did my Periscope review (see the link below) a couple days ago on this St. Tropez Self Tan Express Mousse.  All in all I would totally recommend it and I will be rebuying it once I run out.  My main reasons for that are that it is very easy to apply, it doesn’t streak (like at all!), it has NO ODOR (crazy right?!), it developed SUPER fast (great for us impatient folk) and the color is SO pretty.  I’ve tried St. Tropez in the past and I remember it being very green tinted but this formula was more of a brown with a SLIGHT tinge of a green base for that olive glow everyone loves.

St. Tropez Kit from Ulta $49.00

I purchased this kit at Ulta and while I do like the In Shower lotion, I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing that so you could probably save some money and just buy the Bronzing Mousse alone from Amazon.  Or if you don’t care about the fast development time, you could just buy the basic St. Tropez Tanner for even cheaper!

St. Tropez Self Tan Express //  Amazon  //  $40.00 

St. Tropez Self Tan Original  //  Amazon  //  $31.50

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.49.16 PM.png

Click here or on this awkward screenshot to see my full review on Periscope.

My Perfect Wedding Lip

So even though this is almost an exact copy of my last post, it’s really not because here is another one of my favorite nude lips!  Mac Brave lipstick has been one of my favorites for 10+ years.  That’s really saying something!  And it is the lipstick I chose to wear for my wedding.

Brave is such a gorgeous brick toned nude.  It might wash out darker skin tones but for fair skin tones such as myself, it’s a great nude without being too light.  It is also from Mac’s satin line which has a little more staying power.  Not as drying as a matte but not as sheer as a cremesheen or lustre.  I think I reapplied my lipstick once, MAYBE twice the entire day of my wedding.  Here, I had paired this with Mac Subculture liner but it appears to be out of production (boo!) but I would pair it with Mac Boldy Bare to achieve the same affect.

Mac Boldy Bare Pencil  //  $16.50

Mac Brave Lipstick  //  $17.00


You really can’t go wrong with this duo!!

kissy lips